Experience Bachata

with Morgan Lea





Bachata is the PERFECT gateway latin dance! The rhythm is catchy, the steps are natural, the music is current, and no matter where you find yourself in the world, chances are there is someone who knows how to dance bachata! If you’ve heard of salsa dancing, you need to hear about bachata...its understated cousin!

In this class you will:
+Unlock your own creativity by learning the building blocks of all dance, rather than predetermined choreography.

+Lead and follow. (It’s really not as intimidating as you may think, and it makes dancing SO much better for both people.)

+Learn dance etiquette and the art of consent in partner dancing--so EVERYONE gets to have fun & feel safe, and so NO ONE becomes The Creeper or uncomfortable on the dance floor!

You may want to bring a notebook to take notes and draw pictures, which will help make dancing SUPER easy (don’t worry, there are not many notes...We will be moving A LOT)!

***This class is on Thursday nights; the same night as one of the best latin dance nights in Northampton! After every class, there is a standing invitation to go out social dancing, so you can practice what you’ve learned and get exposure to what dancing outside of formal classes is like!


Morgan Lea takes the intimidating out of dance and replaces it with fun. She takes that “in your head— Am I doing this right?” feeling and replaces it with “Wow! This feels so natural.” She teaches dance to regular people who seek to have fun, learn a new hobby, and experience the MAGIC of dance.

Morgan has been dancing latin styles of dance (bachata, salsa, merengue, and cumbia) since 2008. Her first exposure to latin dance was during a 5-week trip to Costa Rica. Ever since, she’s lived, worked, and danced all over the world. Her non-traditional approach to teaching dance comes from her own personal experience of learning dance through travel, not formal classes. She believes that if an entire country’s population can dance, YOU CAN TOO! She seeks to bring joy, confidence, and fun to people through dance.



$75/student (current ID to be shown at first class)


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