JUNE 21-22, 2019


The shade of a poet’s greatest muse, a warrior maiden, a trickster trapped in a loop of perception, and a prophet whom none believe—these stories and more are woven throughout the fabric of LOOM, an intimate, feature-length production which seamlessly blends contemporary circus, theater, dance, and more as it explores themes of narrative and female power.

Over the course of LOOM stories are shaped and re-shaped as six women weave an original tapestry on a floating, circular frame. LOOM brings to stage myth and folklore both well-worn and obscure through movement and poetry. 


What does it mean to choose between your nature and your family? What compassion can we find for those who’ve committed the most cardinal of female crimes? And what does it signify when a woman uses her body in the pursuit of power? These are a few of the questions that we’ll pose—to the audience, and to ourselves.

LOOM is presented in collaboration with Air Temple Arts, Connecticut’s premiere circus and aerial arts training facility. It will premiere in Northampton, MA and New Haven, CT in June 2019.


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