pollinate ecstatic dance

1st Fridays | 8pm - 12am

STUDIO4: 25 Main St, Suite 444 Northampton, MA

www.pollinatedance.com // Pollinate Facebook Group

live music  |  hot DJ sets  |  community  |  healthy living


POLLINATE is Pioneer Valley’s premiere Ecstatic Dance Event and is a vortex for our vibrant community. Over the years Pollinate has captivated the hearts and imaginations of this area’s dancing community.

Our event tastefully mixes elements of yoga/movement in our warm-up, an ecstatic dance party and a social space.
We appeal to all of your senses: journeying through a variety of soundscapes, from Global Bass, Future Funk, Blues & Swing Fusion, House, Remixes, and Intelligent Down Tempo.

We work with local visual artists to help create a unique atmosphere corresponding with varying monthly themes. Often we invite local artists and add interactive art installations.

We create a vibe which inspires and supports creativity, and we invite participants to show their unique, beautiful expressions through dancing like crazy, dressing the theme, and engaging in artistic self-expression.

We have ample chill space to hang out, connect and take a rest from the action. And while the music feeds your soul, you can also feed your body with nurturing and tasty organic food, drinks and snacks often available for purchase by our friends at KaleYums catering.

​Come and taste it all… Kick your shoes off and Dance your ass off all night long! Stretch your body with yoga, enjoy nourishing food, connect, and get your sweat on to thoughtful, well-mixed, cutting edge beats from the hottest producers around the Globe!!!


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